Membership to CMASA (Club Management Association of SA) offers many benefits such as internationally accredited and recognised education/certification programmes, recruitment opportunities, networking with other CEO's/General Managers and people employed in club management around the country, labour law/BBBEE Codes/Liquor licence news and much more.

Membership categories, rates and criteria for the new subscription year March 2018 to Feb 2019 are listed below, fees to be charged according to your Club's annual turnover

Annual Costs excl. VAT
Clubs with annual turnover of R60 mill +:
This provides member access to six of your managerial staff i.e. CEO/GM; Financial Manager; Food & Beverage Manager; Golf Director/Manager and Event/Membership/Marketing Manager.
R9 504.38
Clubs with annual turnover between R20 - R60 mill:
This provides member access to five of your managerial staff
R8 505.26
Clubs with annual turnover between R15 – R20 mill:
This provides member access to four managerial staff
R6 804.37
Clubs with annual turnover between R10 – R15 mill:
This provides member access to three managerial staff
R5 056.14
Clubs with annual turnover between R5 – R10 mill:
This provides member access to two managerial staff
R3 371.05
Clubs with annual turnover of less than R5 mill:
This provides member access to one manager.
R1 670.17
GOLF UNION membership: R3 339.47
Individual Membership – see Criteria above: R1 670.17
PGA membership: R1 001.75
School/sports grounds: R 842.98
* The number of managerial staff i.e. CEO/GM; Club Manager, Financial Manager; Food & Beverage Manager; Golf Director/Manager and/or Event/Membership/Marketing Manager that would be linked to your membership to participate

Criteria for all categories of membership:

Currently On Offer To Our Members

CMASA is a registered facilitator of the internationally recognised online Manager in Development Program presented by the Club Managers Association of America.

37 candidates, situated at numerous clubs around South Africa, are busy doing the MID Online Diploma course.

Click here for more information on costs per module, per specialization and for the full program

CMASA Membership Brochure


The new Club Recruitment division is set to transform the club industry, offering a full service of staff screening, interviews and background checks. Over the past few years, CMASA placed in excess of 30 top managerial positions at sports and recreation clubs in South Africa.
Through this exclusive new partnership, Club Recruitment now has an offering that can specifically target new blood in the industry and its own transformation objectives. CMASA members will now have a two-fold option of either recruiting in-house and then advertising their vacancies on the CMASA and PGA of SA platforms at no cost, or utilizing the new expanded Club Recruitment service which offers a wider pool of talent.
A club’s vision and standard of excellence are the building blocks that shape a club’s overall strategy and performance. Many clubs are now taking a more business-like approach in formulating their Strategic Plan, and considering their vision and mission in all major decisions.

Together with CMASA, you will gain access to a range of management tools, reviews and surveys that reflect the challenges of the club environment.

It is our intention to continuously work on further education, improved benefits, value related services, and cost savings for our member clubs.

We have attached our membership brochure for you to read through and the application form to complete and return to us once you see the value in joining our association.


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