CMASA launched the Club Foundation in April 2019.

The Club Foundation seeks to promote transformation and fund the life cycle of employees working within the club industry, to assist them in achieving their career goals. The Club Foundation hopes to provide funding for the following key areas;

The Club Foundation’s role is to create a donor base of constituents that seek to further the knowledge and skills of those individuals that operate clubs of all types. The mission of The Club Foundation is to raise funds to financially support the professional development of people employed in the club through education, training and research initiatives. Transformation in the Club Industry is essential and as such, priority will be given to candidates of colour.

As funds grow, we will be able to offer more benefits.

Current Trustees : Janyne Marais, Dale Hayes and Paul Leishman

Current Bursaries on offer;

Manager in Development Online Programme Specialisations & Modules;

We are currently offering 30 bursaries, broken down as follows;

Requirements and criteria for eligibility

Should you wish to apply for one of the above bursaries, kindly fill in the application form and email it to with all the required documentation.


Guidelines for the Mentor

The Mentor will generally be the General Manager or HOD of the club where the applicant is currently employed. The Mentor needs to interact with the applicant and establish goals whilst providing support to the applicant throughout the education programme.

Guidelines for the Applicant

Should the applicant be successful, they will be expected to commit to the educational programme fully and prove to CMASA and their Mentor their commitment to their personal future as well as the Industry by giving back to the Community through The Club Foundation and paying forward the skills that they have learnt.


Should the applicant not meet the minimum requirements, principles and expectations of The Club Foundation and the enrolled Education Programme, CMASA and the Trustees reserve the right to cancel the funding being provided

The Club Foundation Donations

Should you be interested in supporting this valuable cause, by making a donation, please contact CMASA on for more information