and guarantees savings of 30% and more, find out how you can benefit.

CMASA endeavours to source partners that we know have the potential to provide value to our member clubs.

UTILITY CONSULT is one such partner who we can guarantee cost efficiency savings
of 30% and more for all clubs as they follow a holistic approach by analysing historical
client data and client needs to generate optimal utility cost efficiency
recommendations for their clients, i.e. “we create a utility smart environment".

What do Utility Consult do?
They provide a specialise selection of informed solutions to reduce the cost and/ or consumption of selected utilities.

They analyse historic utility consumption and pricing data with their own propriety software. Subsequently a report containing “before and after” scenarios as well as alternative cost solutions are presented.
All recommendations are subject to approval by the client and each solution strategy will be compared to the return on investment prior to the implementation thereof.

After acceptance of their report they negotiate with utility suppliers, on your behalf, to determine the costs to implement proposals.

UTILITY CONSULT looks at the following aspects of your business:

  • Electricity
  • Refuse removal
  • Water, sewerage, and effluent
  • Metering Monitoring
  • Efficient Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Heat Recovery
  • Energy Security
  • Automation
  • Account Management

Through this partnership deal, UTILITY CONSULT commits to offering special pricing to all CMASA members, based on their audit assessment needs.

Don’t delay, contact Thys Stoltz today for a free no obligation audit of your club.
Cell: 076 273 5878 or email thys@utilityconsult.co.za or
visit their website: http://www.utilityconsult.co.za/