Why enroll for the 2-year
Golf Course Maintenance Program
with The Turfgrass Academy?
What is The Turfgrass Academy?
The Turfgrass Academy is a training institution that develops and facilitates training for the Golf Course Maintenance industry via correspondence learning.

Our 2-year Golf Course Maintenance Program is designed to equip Golf Course Maintenance staff with a range of specialist skills that are specific to their jobs.

During our 2-year training course trainees will:

  • develop a better understanding of the game of golf and how their job plays an intricate & fundamental role in the game;
  • learn about various species of turfgrass & the climates to which they are most suited;
  • learn about plant nutrition & the various aspects of fertilization;
  • discover how water is the life line of the golf course & how to manage it efficiently;
  • investigate the art of mowing & learn how to guide their staff to mow & manicure the turf perfectly;
  • learn about secondary cultural practices & the importance of each;
  • develop a thorough understanding of pests, pest control & the management of pesticides;
  • learn about machine maintenance & how to manage the workshop efficiently;
  • learn how to manage a budget and be a cost-effective administrator.
Specialist Skills Skill & Career Development

We recognise that the task of Golf Course Maintenance requires specialist skills.

The training that we develop is therefore entirely based on the actual operations on a golf course and will equip the trainees to fulfill these tasks with better insight, accuracy & skills.

Our training is not an ‘adaption’ from another industry. Each module has been carefully designed and researched to offer the most relevant training possible.

The 2-year Golf Course Maintenance Program is designed in such a way that the trainees will be able to build up a significant portfolio of knowledge by the time they complete their training.

By tapping into the wealth of knowledge that trainees have available to them during this training program they are able to develop their skills & advance their careers.

to encourage interaction and discussions on
the online learning platform.

Our online platform serves as a virtual classroom where
trainees can access additional information,
view tutorial videos and interact
with fellow students.

COST: The 2-year Golf Course Maintenance
Program costs
R 30 000.00 for the full 2-year course.
CMASA Member Clubs qualify for a 10% discount!
New registrations for students at
CMASA Member Clubs
pay R 27 000.00 for the full 2-year course.
Registration is currently open. Please visit our website for course dates