Sphere Concepts is about being innovative; forward thinking, and understanding consumer trend.
We are therefore very proud to introduce you to the SmartPod, which embodies all these qualities and more!

The SmartPod is our first innovative product within the company, and first of its kind in South Africa, which is ideal for, but not limited to, the service and hospitality industry. Its Unique, efficient and of course attractive! But more importantly, your golfers and clients will love you for it...

“Eagle Canyon has been using the SmartPod since April and the golfers are loving the warm disposable towel, when they enter the halfway house. Its also cost effective, as it takes away the costs of laundry and wasted water usage.”
- Dave Christie – director of golf at eagle canyon, golf and lifestyle estate


It adds value to the business for the following reasons:

  • It takes on average 4 sec to generate a towel which makes it very efficient.
  • The towels are soft but strong enough to be used on the face and hands, creating a value-added experience for the consumer.
  • It's cost affective, as it eliminates the cost of a steam cabbie, as well as towels and dry-cleaning.
  • It's a "no fuss" product – all you need to set up is your water + towel, and you ready to go!
  • Its compact and cutting edge in terms of being technologically advanced, which keeps your business up to date.
  • Add an essential oil blend - creating a signature scent.
  • Its compact enough to be mobile and potentially use at events.
  • The towel can be recycled which makes it environmentally friendly.

As easy as 1 2 3!

How does the SmartPod work? it’s very easy…

  1. Fill water container in unit.
  2. Install soft towel.
  3. Switch on machine, and you ready to start!

For more information, please feel free to drop me a mail at celia@sphereconcepts.co.za
or visit www.sphereconcepts.co.za
I look forward to hearing from you.