Dear Members,

CMASA has chosen to work more closely with RCA Consulting to re-assess the CMASA Awards process.
After much brainstorming and identifying the key objectives of the awards, we believe that the way forward is to recognise and acknowledge THE ENTIRE CLUB and its team of staff, rather than individuals.

We know the saying ‘it takes a village’ and this rings true in our club environment today for the clubs who focus on delivering a memorable experience for their members and guests, as well as operate sustainably.

CMASA is committed to our Mission statement which is:

To serve our members in every possible way and enable them to improve their own professional standards in the management, financial control, productivity, service and efficiency of their clubs through ongoing education and best practice.

We believe that this new awards process meets the requirements of objectivity, independent, fair assessment and holds much credibility for all clubs to be measured against.

We are thrilled to announce that Jonas has continued their amazing support of our CMASA Awards and have committed to sponsor R50 000 to the winning club. Jonas has stipulated that this prize money is to be reinvested back into the club, and used specifically for training of staff at the club.

‘Badges of Distinction’ will be awarded to the clubs that score highly in each of the seven pillars. This will allow us to highlight and acknowledge the excellent work these clubs have done.

Kindly click on the links below for the full overview and entry details:

We look forward to your participation, comments and feedback.